Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Return of British Psych to Vinyl

When The Alarm Clock Rings – A Compendium of British Psychedelia 1966-1969 The impression you get from talking heads and social media is that “if only such-and-such were released on vinyl, I’d definitely buy it”. The truth, as many labels saddled with even modest runs of niche (and sometimes not so niche) boxes of unsold […]

Glam Warfare – The Chaos of The Rubettes

The Rubettes – The Singles 1974-1977 (Cherry Red Records) As of mid-2023, The Rubettes have had a total of 32 band members, putting them on a par with the funk conveyer belt, Funkadelic. To make sense of their lineage would be an article in itself and would be a miserable experience for all involved, not […]

Faceless Forever – A Residents Encyclopaedia

Published to coincide with The Residents’ 50th anniversary, Faceless Forever is a task only the brave would ever even feeltingly consider. A band who isn’t sure itself as to what has been released, where and when,  and whose mysterious identities only add to the confusion and murk which must be sifted through for answers. Jim […]

Dark Exotica – As Dug by Lux and Ivy

This ongoing Lux and Ivy project, which hasn’t as yet descended into tarnishing their names, has started to find its feet with recent releases, with less in the way of flitting around trying to cram in as many artists as possible but to concentrate on key artists – or in this case, key artists and […]