Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Residents – Wormwood

It’s 1998 and after countless albums, The Residents go back to the beginning…right to the beginning. Subtitled ‘Curious Stories from the Bible’, ‘Wormwood’ is not, as you may expect, a vitriolic series of broadsides against Christianity nor even religion in general but rather a celebration of some of the overlooked eye-popping moments which forever live […]

Underground London – The Art, Music and Free Jazz that Inspired a Cultural Revolution

Until the mid-sixties, jazz was the domain of Herculean drug gobblers – tar-encrusted-lung machines who had mastered circular breathing and rat-a-tat-tat drum patterns who might occasionally jolt awake sleepy bar patrons in swanky clubs in New York and New Orleans, or the bowler-hatted trad plodders playing ‘Three Blind Mice’ in unusual time-signatures to mutton-chopped wife […]

Sir Lord Baltimore The Complete Recordings 1970-2006

Now, let’s not get carried away. Sir Lord Baltimore’s rather paltry output essentially zooms in on 1970’s debut album, Kingdom Come and the following year’s self-titled release – 2006’s significantly delayed affair skews the figures somewhat. Indeed, the band’s history is littered with brevity and low numbers – their lifespan; their live appearances (though always […]