Saturday, May 18, 2024

Alessandro Moreschi – The Last Castrato

In 1984, The New York Times reported on the release of a set of recordings which by any standards were historic. Away from MTV, stadium rock tours, 12″ remixes and Band Aid, seventeen tracks made their way into the public realm, having previously existed scattered across classical collections of choral music, stamped on brittle shellac […]

How to Become a Werewolf

Two handy guides for you if you happen to have an interest in being a werewolf.  Relatively straightforward, I’d say, indeed with a certain amount of ejaculating in public required, some of you may well be ahead of the game. Lycanthropy: A Handbook of Werewolfism by Frater D. Preliminary Exercises Before we get into the […]

The Horror of Thomas Andrew Doyle

It has been just under 25 years since the band Tad split up. Their final single, ‘Oppenheimer’s Pretty Nightmare‘, was released in 1999, and a collection of latter-day recordings and errant stray tracks, ‘Quick and Dirty‘ appeared in 2018. Since then, Tad (the man) formed the band Hog Molly, releasing one album, ‘Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip‘ […]

Tiny Tim – The Prisoner of Love

In the rather overpopulated world of what is broadly described as ‘outsider music’, it’s true to say there are one or two frauds, or at least those who have been shoehorned in. Are The Shaggs outsiders? Perhaps it was challenging or even outrageous to insist your clearly tone-deaf daughters perform for the masses – of […]